Poppy was born in Highbury North London in 1936, moved to Kent in 1964 and settled in Herne Bay in 1996.
From an early age ‘things creative’ were the main focus in her life and on leaving school at 15 spent a number of years as a window dresser in London’s West End.
Poppy commenced teaching in 1968 at the Adult Education Centre in Sittingbourne; subjects covered Sculpture, Painting and Drawing and Light Crafts. She also set up and ran the Centres Gallery; after 15 years she moved on to open her own Teaching Studio and Gallery.
Poppy has exhibited widely mostly in London and the South of England; her work is in homes around the world, her Papier Mache work has been published here and in Germany. She has also exhibited under the names Norma Kilgour and Norma Bottell.
Poppy has no formal training.
Other interests in Poppy’s life are her Wildlife Garden, also music and books; the latter two very eclectic in their mix. 
Poppy recently become part of a work of art herself see if you can spot her in Charlotte Newson's portrait of Emeline Pankhurst made up of 10,000 photos of 'Women like You' 
A retrospective exhibition celebrating Poppy's life and work in art was held at Bay Art Gallery 
Herne Bay 15th-19th May 2012

 Home Gallery
Beach Huts
Autumn Trees

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